Jinenkan London

自然舘 寛竜 道場

Jinenkan Kan Ryū Dōjō



Jinenkan Kancho - Manaka Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Dojo-cho - Asher Kan Ryu Ware.

Jinenkan Kan Ryu Dojo is London's only official training resource for the Japanese martial arts organisation Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan. We teach a variety of martial arts, including several styles of unarmed combat and numerous diciplines of classic weaponry. All in all, the Jinenkan offers a very thourough and broad education in the ancient martial arts of Japan.


Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan was founded by retired Lt. Colonel Fumio Manaka, Unsui Sensei, in 1996, with the vision of being able to pass on his knowledge of Japan's old martial arts - and to be able to preserve these teachings - true to the way he himself had learned.

These teachings are several Ryu-ha (martial art schools) from old times Japan, known to some as the Takamatsu-Den, and the Jinen Ryu, created by Unsui Sensei himself.


Jinenkan Kan Ryu Dojo offers seminars to individuals and groups in London, England. Classes are led by Asher Ware, Yondan (4th Dan), who is an official Jinenkan Dojo-cho (instructor), with his main Dojo based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


As Asher was born and raised in London, he wishes to see a Jinenkan society grow in his home town, even though it means he must travel to London to teach interested students.

Number of participants:

Price pr. person:


£ 225


£ 120


£ 80


£ 60


£ 50

- A seminar typically runs on two consequtive days with 4 hours

of training pr. day.


- Location is currently outdoors.

- Any interested party or person of legal age (18+) may request a seminar.


- The fee's are variable, according to amount of participants (see table)

If this opportunity interests you, or if you have any another enquiry, please contact us using the following details:




+44 (0)743 099 2430

+45 71 52 98 73


Please use the links in the text above to find out more about

Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan and the Copenhagne based Dojo


Arigatou gozaimasu,


Asher L. Ware

Dojo-cho for Jinenkan Kan Ryu Dojo.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

& London, UK.

- A £ 100 booking fee must be transferred to our PayPal or bank account.

(This is a confirmation for us to proceed with booking of flights for the instructor. A confirmation of the flight details will then be sent to the attendies via email)


- The remainder of the seminar fee's must be paid in cash at the beginning of the seminar or via PayPal at least one day in advance.

kanryu@jinenkan-london.co.uk - (+44) (0)743 099 2430

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